Renew Notary Application

Renew Notary Application


This LOW price for your four-year commission includes:​
+ $9.90 Shipping & Handling​
As a Florida Notary, your commission expires every four years and you are required to renew your commission. Renewing your Notary Commission is a quick and easy process.


A paper application with your original ink signature is required by the State of Florida. You may fill it out online before printing. Have someone who has known you for one (1) year or longer, but who is not related to you, fill out and sign the “Affidavit of Character” section. Sign and Date all pages. Signatures MUST BE in black or blue ink and NOT electronic. Please note that the State no longer accept notary applications with only initials in the required signature area for the Oath of Office.  A signature with a nickname or short name i.e. Joe for Joseph or Rick for Richard is acceptable.
IMPORTANT!! Your certificate and stamp will be mail to the address listed in your application. Please INCLUDE any APT or STE numbers. If it is incomplete and the items are lost, we will regretfully have to pass the cost of requesting a new stamp and S&H along to you.

Sign your bond. Please do not date it.

You MUST send us the following to Become a Notary.

Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

is liability coverage designed to protect your personal and professional assets in the event you make a mistake during the notarial process that causes your client to suffer financial loss. If you elect not to have E&O Insurance, you are personally liable for any claims made against you as a Florida Notary Public.
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Please note:

If you answer YES to Questions 5, 6, 7 or 8 on the Application, your Application has to be approved by the Governor and will take a longer processing time. ​If you have a felony, please visit the Office of Executive Clemency for information that pertains to Restoration of Civil Rights and all other forms of clemency. If you have a felony, PLEASE PAY BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER to Cynanotary, LLC. In the event that your application is denied, this ensures a quicker refund.
You MUST maintain legal residency in Florida throughout the four-year term. If you move out of Florida, you must resign your Notary Commission in writing to the Governor’s Office.