Notary For Structured Settlements

Notary Services For Structured Settlements

Helping To Expedite A Slow Process

Are you offering a structured settlement for a personal injury claim or buying the rights to an annuity for one that was settled? Be aware that you will need to file several affidavits, virtually all of which need to be notarized.
A settlement means that the recipient or plaintiff agrees to receive a specified sum in consideration for abandoning a claim that might be worth more. During a personal injury case, Settlement talks could ensure the suit is settled sooner—often for good reasons. For one, the lawsuit might end up being worth nothing if a ruling or decision does not go as intended.

With settlements and the sale of structured settlements, a judge must agree that the person who signed the document may waive their claim or an annuity and agree to receive a given sum in its place. A notary is typically needed for either transaction.


The documents must be in proper form at the start. But the judge who reviews the proposed structured settlement or the sale of one should be confident that the agreement was signed by the person who will bear the financial impact. The notary signing agents at CYNA Notary offer this service.

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