Auto Notary Services

Auto Notary Services For Dealers Who Need Them

Helping Dealers Do Their (Real) Jobs

Anyone who has bought a car knows how much paperwork is involved—a lot requiring certification by a notary public. Vehicle titles are the most common paperwork needing notarization, but there are others, too, such as loan paperwork. With at least one document per buyer needing this service, auto dealers are among the most frequent users of notaries.

Do you know how much time dealers spend dealing with fraudulent transactions and their consequences? Identity thieves often fake identity documents and financing contracts, either using them directly or selling them to other criminals. If car dealers want to recover their assets, they must spend time working with police and other investigators.

According to the car-shopping website Edmunds.com, “While the car dealership isn’t the only place a consumer can fall victim to identity thieves, they are among the most common sites where the crimes occur. In fact, from the gas pump to the parking lot, the car can be a focal point for identity theft if you’re not prepared.”

Wait! Did you say these are car dealers? Where do they find the time to do all this?

Using the auto notary services at CYNA Notary can ease the dealers’ workload and reduce the fraud risk and the extra work that it creates, allowing dealers to spend more time with customers.