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Apply Online


As the job market in Florida continues to feel the effects of COVID-19, many employed and unemployed professionals are looking for ways to supplement their incomes and improve their resumes. Becoming a notary in Florida will help you make that additional income while providing a valuable service to the community. Cynanotary offers the complete starter package at an affordable price, and you can do it all from home.

Everything You Need to Start Your Career

After you take the required three-hour notary education course, submit your complete application with the required documents and payment (or order number and receipt if you pay online). Once approved, your Official Notary Commission Certificate and Bond Certificate will be mailed to the address on your application, along with your self-inking stamp. If you’re denied, you’ll receive a refund of the purchase price.
See below for E&O Insurance options to protect against financial liability.

YOUR NOTARY PACKAGE is $98 ($89+ $9 S&H) and INCLUDES:

Free Online Notary Course

If this is your first time applying to be a notary in Florida, you’re required by the state to take a three-hour notary education course before applying. Access the free course at any time to begin your career as a certified notary. When you’re finished, print and sign your Certificate of Completion and store or display it safely. Your certificate with a hand-written signature will be required for application and all future renewals.

All-in-One Application Package

The State of Florida requires your original, hand-written signature in blue or black ink. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. Your stamp and certificate will be mailed to the address on your application, so make sure it is complete with any apartment or suite numbers. Items that are lost due to incomplete applications cannot be refunded. A non-relative you have known for longer than one year must complete the Affidavit of Character.


Submission and Payment

You can send payment with your application by filling out your credit card information or by including a check or money order. You may also pay online and include the printed receipt AND order number on your application where indicated. Your completed application should include the following with handwritten dates and signatures in blue or black ink:

Notary Errors and Omission Insurance

E&O Insurance is optional liability coverage that protects your personal and professional assets in the event of a mistake that causes financial loss to your client. Without it, you will be personally liable for any claims made against you as a Florida Notary Public. Cynanotary offers a range of coverage options from $5,000.00 of coverage for only $14.00 to $30,000.00 of coverage for only $74.00.